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New Law on Child Adoptions Launched in Haiti

In partnership with the Institute for Social Welfare and Research (l’Institut du Bien-Être Social et de Recherches, or IBESR), the Health Policy Project AKSE program organized a high-level workshop in mid-July to discuss the "Adoption Reform Act" in Haiti. The new law, passed in October 2013, was designed to enshrine the principle that international adoptions should be considered above all as a measure to protect the welfare of children and to ensure that children’s best interests are taken into account in adoption proceedings. Read more

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Futures Group and GRM International pleased to be part of successful AIDS conference

Futures Group and GRM International employees joined together with an international gathering of 12,000 scientists, researchers and advocates at the 20th International AIDS Conference, held in Melbourne, Australia this month.

From July 20-25, and for several pre-conference presentations, Futures Group and GRM organized, presented and contributed to a large number of conference sessions and presentations on every day of the week-long summit. Our group’s work highlighted some of the most cutting-edge progress being made in the HIV and AIDS response in various key populations and all corners of the globe – from Asia to Africa. Read more

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