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“To Break the Wall”: Evidence-Informed Models Make the Case for Family Planning

Models demonstrating the impact of demographic and health changes on policy goals transform national debates about health funding in developing countries, according to experts gathered by the USAID-funded Health Policy Project (HPP) led by Futures Group. On March 24 representatives of international development agencies, research organizations, and other partners, the group explained how HPP 's policy models—informed by country-specific data and aligned with national goals—allow advocates to show how voluntary family planning saves lives and money. With this information, policymakers can see which specific interventions will be most beneficial. Read more

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New Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit Launched

FP2020 used its Focal Point Workshop, held in Istanbul, Turkey from March 24–25, to launch the Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) Resource Kit as part of its new knowledge platform. Acknowledging the critical role of CIPs in transforming ambitious family planning commitments into concrete programs and policies, FP2020, USAID, and UNFPA jointly developed the resource kit in collaboration with the USAID-funded Health Policy Project (HPP) and the Knowledge for Health Project (who developed new tools for the resource kit and curated existing relevant resources). The new tools were inspired by the hands-on experience of governments, donors, and technical assistance providers who have collectively developed more than 15 CIPs. Read more

Expanding Our Offerings

Futures Group is expanding its 45-year history of advancing global health objectives in the U.S. to include technical service offerings in governance, food security, and water and sanitation, and is strengthening its approaches to social and behavior change and strategic communication across all of the development areas in which it works. This strategic initiative leverages the extensive work in these sectors from other companies in the GRM Futures Group family, especially GRM International – a significant implementer of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development’s (DFID) largest governance partner and provider for major economic growth and food security services. Read more

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