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dTS Joins Forces with GRM Futures Group

International development company Development & Training Services, Inc. (dTS) has joined with GRM International, Futures Group, the Effective Development Group, and theIDLgroup as part of the GRM Futures Group of companies. Read more

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New Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit Launched

FP2020 used its Focal Point Workshop, held in Istanbul, Turkey from March 24–25, to launch the Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) Resource Kit as part of its new knowledge platform. Acknowledging the critical role of CIPs in transforming ambitious family planning commitments into concrete programs and policies, FP2020, USAID, and UNFPA jointly developed the resource kit in collaboration with the USAID-funded Health Policy Project (HPP) and the Knowledge for Health Project (who developed new tools for the resource kit and curated existing relevant resources). The new tools were inspired by the hands-on experience of governments, donors, and technical assistance providers who have collectively developed more than 15 CIPs. Read more

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