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Innovations in OVC Monitoring and Evaluation

The HIV epidemic is fuelling the crisis of rapidly increasing numbers of OVC around the world. OVC are often excluded in designing or monitoring responsive strategies on their behalf. Futures Group has extensive experience working with multiple sectors and at multiple levels to strengthen and monitor the progress of national responses to OVC.

Under MEASURE Evaluation, Futures Group helped conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of OVC programs in Tanzania and Kenya as part of a set of OVC program-targeted evaluations. In Rwanda and Zambia, Futures Group conducted a secondary analysis of expenditure data from select OVC service delivery NGOs to evaluate resource needs for developing scaled-up and sustainable OVC programs. Futures Group has used data demand and information use (DDIU) to develop a series of GIS databases for OVC in 12 countries to conduct palliative care public health evaluation in Africa and to inform the design of adherence programs and understand how to integrate tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS treatment programs effectively.