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Jamaica Adolescent Reproductive Health Project (Youth.now)

The goal of the Jamaica Adolescent Reproductive Health Project (Youth.now) project was to increase the availability of relevant information and quality services that can motivate and enable young people ages 10-19 to take positive actions to improve their reproductive health status. Youth.Now was funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). With the support of partners Margaret Sanger Center International and Dunlop Corbin Communications, Futures Group implemented a comprehensive approach to promote changes in adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health knowledge, attitudes, and practices; increase access to high-quality, youth-friendly services; and foster a supportive policy environment. Futures Group provided in-depth training to health care providers and awarded grant funds to NGOs that focused on vulnerable youth. The project also succeeded in engaging church leadership of various denominations and trained 60 faith leaders to better communicate with adolescents about reproductive health and sexuality. These leaders trained thousands of others and connected with more than 40,000 youth.

Futures Group worked in concert with Ministry of Health (MOH) programs in adolescent reproductive health. Specific activities included conducting operations research to assess the impact of various youth-friendly service delivery models; strengthening the capacity of the MOH and NGOs to provide quality services and interventions related to reproductive health; improving/increasing the availability of quality youth-relevant educational information regarding reproductive health and HIV/AIDS/STIs; implementing a campaign to promote youth-friendly services; strengthening the policy environment related to reproductive health rights; and improving health information systems to provide relevant data for program planning, as well as to monitor the progress of the health status of youth