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Innovative Financing

Futures Group has been at the forefront of implementing some of the most successful innovations in healthcare financing—focusing on mobilizing new resources, allocating and using resources effectively and equitably, and designing and implementing innovative financing mechanisms. Futures Group mobilizes resources by advocating for creation of a budget line item for family planning, including FP/HIV into social insurance schemes, and linking FP/HIV to development programs and new financing mechanisms, such as SWAPs, PRSPs, Global Fund, and budgeting processes. We have informed and influenced resource allocation decisions using the ALLOCATE, Goals, Resource Needs Model, and Safe Motherhood models in many countries.

Futures Group has designed and implemented various financing strategies to remove financial barriers to access among rural and urban poor. For example, under the USAID-funded ITAP Project, Futures Group initiated a voucher program that ensured greater access of the poor to accredited healthcare services. Futures Group identified select health facilities and ensured that their quality of services were accredited and met standards set forth by the government of India. Furthermore, Futures Group developed detailed operational plans to ensure that the voucher program addressed financial issues and that those needing the voucher most were the actual direct beneficiaries. Communication tactics were also key to advertising the voucher program to stakeholders and the general population, as well as training those who directly oversaw implementation of the initiative.