Futures Group

Technical Solutions


Legal and Regulatory

Futures Group assists in the formulation of laws, policies, and regulations to foster equitable access to services and to prohibit discrimination. The depth of our expertise in legal and regulatory review provides a solid foundation for our policy reform work.

We prepare guidelines and standards on quality of care, such as national antiretroviral therapy, palliative care, and voluntary counseling and treatment, as well as guidelines on medication-assisted treatment and provision of culturally appropriate family planning and reproductive health services to poor and indigenous groups.

We are recognized for innovative work, such as setting up HIV legal clinics in Vietnam and dispute resolution centers in Peru. We led the development of an HIV model law in West Africa, now being used as a regional template for development of national HIV laws.

We identify barriers to the implementation of laws and policies. For example, we assessed implementation of the reproductive health section of Guatemala’s Social Development and Population Policy, which resulted in creation of a permanent National Monitoring Board to monitor a range of reproductive health and HIV laws and policies.

We build the capacity of government and civil society to monitor implementation of laws and policies. For example, in Tanzania we will build the capacity of the Commission on Human Rights and Good Governance. We also conduct legislative audits to assess whether laws and policies adhere to international standards, treaties, and best practices.